Animals? I like that they stay standing up.

I watched a very sweet video yesterday of a little boy called Luiz Antonio questioning why we eat meat. There’s really no messing around with all the ins, outs and intricacies of the subject in question.

I loved how straightforward his argument was;

“I don’t like that they die, I like that they stay standing up. These animals, you gotta take care of them..and not eat them!”

That being said, I am not vegetarian myself. However, I was vegan for about a year and a half as an experiment for myself. The aim was to give myself more of a challenge when cooking meals and force myself to think outside of the box a little more, not to mention I also find the thought of spookily reared meat incredibly offputting. I think when you see a chicken being sold for a couple of quid it’s time to step back and question how supermarket chains are able to sell meat that cheaply whilst simultaneously making a considerable profit from it. It’s definitely steeped in inhumane practices. The thought of eating something that has been pumped full of hormones in order to encourage fast growth, is enough to make me want to cut out the meat and bulk buy some lentils instead.

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