What’s new pussycat?

Meet Lily. When I go back to Lisburn to see my mum and dad I always like getting to see my furry white friend again. Don’t worry, I am not being racist. Lily is our lovely fluffy white cat!

Here she is when she was a kitten.

Although you can’t see it here, she had huge bright blue eyes. Adorable does not begin to describe it.


She slept a lot of the time, but when something is as cute as that it is somehow okay, apart from the fact you lose so much time just staring in disbelief at the cuteness that lies before you. These days she is more active and is always running about to the point where she is occasionally nowhere to be found, and you know, I think she’s grown to be a little cheeky too. According to the neighbours she would sometimes peek inside their cat flap, get the dogs attention, then recline outside their front door to taunt the poor thing! I don’t think she’d be so cocky if the cat flap were larger.
After her escapades she always eventually makes an appearance though and comes in to take a nap in the warmth. What a cutie.

Lily 2

Lily 3

There’s just something about a sleeping cat, that makes a house feel that little bit more homely, don’t you think?

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